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Hawaii Shopper is a personal shopper service, a Hawaii-based business and family in the pursuit to help others feel as if they are part of the Aloha spirit of Hawaii.  From purchasing items as gifts for loved ones or for yourself, we are the experts in helping you experience the Hawaiian lifestyle and feel as if you are part of Hawaii. We love to explore new places and discover the latest trends in Hawaii clothing and accessories for you or your home. We also share tips to help you feel the Aloha spirit. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for our latest items, ideas and tips.

As residents of Oahu, Hawaii, we are so excited to offer this personal concierge shopping to you. People around the world come to Hawaii to experience the incredible culture and love of the Hawaiian people, its rich history, the warm tropical weather, the unbelievably blue water with white, yellow, black, red and even green sand beaches, the food, the lush greenery and so much more. The word Aloha means so many things and to be able to experience Hawaii even once in your life is such a gift. This is why we are happy to be able to share the mana of Hawaii with you even if you can’t be here now. This shopping service is a way to connect with you no matter how far away you are. We look forward to sharing the spirit of Hawaii with you.

There are a few reasons using a personal shopper could be beneficial to you. First, when you need something that's only available in Hawaii with no online option, we're here to bridge those geographical inconveniences standing between you and those special items that are meant to be yours. Or if you are an Oahu resident and are too busy to shop for that gift, you can ask your Hawaii Shopper to help.

Ready to get that little bit of Aloha? Message us on Facebook or Instagram or send us an email.


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